Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Get Job In First Interview | Graphic Designer

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This tutorial is so useful for you if you are a fresher and want to start your career as graphic designer. You know that today every company want experience and they don't hier a fresher, when experienced person are working on the same scale. There are some tips that will make you experienced graphic designer, if you will use these tips in creating any advertisement, layout or title page you would do better as an experience does. Understand this carefully . . .
1. CreateAProfessionalOnlinePortfolio:::
  • RESUME | Think about, if you go for any interview and interviewer ask you where is your resume and you don't have it, so prepare a professional resume for that go to internet and download a format for resume and edit that according to your profile. Don't forget to write there if you've got any award in competition and if you lead a team on any project or in sports.
  • ONLINE PORTFOLIO | You should also create a online profile on internet on websites like, Naukri.com, Timesjobs.com, Shine.com, Monster.com, Linkedin.com, etc.. If you have some designs, layouts, some samples of your work then you can download them on internet on websites like picassa.google.com, flickr.com, davianart.com, there are lot of website to create online portfolio of graphic and designing so just go there and upload your content. Facebook also have an option to create your page or portfolio. Becuase, after then you can apply with your online portfolio link and if anyone like your work, they will call you. If someone call you after viewing your portfolio then everything will be positive, you will just have to prove that the work is done by you. There would be no wasting of time.
2. ShowTheDifference:::
  • ABOUT YOU | Be positive and give the clear answer to H.R., if there is any problem of conveyence or timing just tell them clear. Show them that you are the best person from all candidates.
  • NEGOTIATE | If you are fresher, just don't think much about salary, just focus on your company profile if this is a good company they will pay you good and the company is not good then vice versa. Negotiate the salary, when you will work there for six months then demand for good salary and if there is no chance of increment or growth then change it. One thing I am making here clear that "Don't love to your company, love to your work."
3. UnderstandTheJobFirst:::
  • INTERNET RESEARCHING | This is the most important thing you should do always, if you are a experienced designer too. If you get a job for interview, means if they give you add, page layout or title page to design then research about it on internet. First you understand the project, if this is a add of ice-cream then type ice-cream advertisement on internet and see what comes, understand the points of the advertisement, like what picture you can use there and what colour you can use there.
  • PAGE SETUP | They just want to know that you understand page layouting or you know about, master page, margin, spine, bleeding, column and some photoshop skills. Every company has their own style and method of working you will just have to show that you know well about software and page setup, you can learn easily.
  • USE LESS AND SMART FONTS | Don't use too much fonts when you design a content, Just choose one or two fonts and play around with the colour, size and style of font. If you use a different font for every line or style, then work will become cheap. Understand that there are three types of fonts in market, we use most ....

    1) Serif fonts like, Times New Roman, Bookman, etc. We use these fonts mostly in running text.

    2) Sen-Serif fonts like, Arial, Helvetica, Century Gothic, Avantgarde. We use them in headings or special part of the text.

    3)Script fonts like, Comic Sans, it looks like handwritten scripts. We use these fonts for dialogue, speech or sometimes for styliztion of our work.
  • USE COLOUR FAMILY | If you job is four-colour then don't use too much colour in your design, time is changed now. Now, if you see the add of any international comapany, you will see there are black and white colour, or there is just one colour in the add, and they have played with the opacity and adding black or white in the colour. Use same colour family for same job. It also make your work a class work and it will notlook cheap.
  • STYLIZE THE HEADER, FOOTER AND PAGINATION STYLE | If this is a layout of magazine, newspaper, book etc., then stylize the header, footer and pagination style. When you doing these things, you should proper understand the content and then design it like the content, you can also check on internet that how people designed these type of contents and then do same, just add your own style on it.
I hope you have learnt something important in this article, if you have any question in your mind and want to discuss then don't wait just put it here or you can mail me at mediasixteen@gmail.com... I would reply with instant solution. Thanks for your time.


  1. What kind of fonts we can choose for a children book?

  2. For children books you should use stylize type fonts not very straight but clear to read... like comic sans... this is one of the best example..

    via tricksnhacking.com