Thursday, 25 August 2011

Language and Keyboard Settings in Summit Indica for Chanakya Font

Though English is a universal language but lot of work is done in regional or country language. When talk about advertising and designing sector many languages are used other than English. Hindi is one of them. To type Hindi in computer Hindi Script Font is used in which Kruti dev is most famous. But here I am talking about 2nd used font in Hindi typing Chanakya.  
Chanakya is also a Hindi Script Font as Kruti Dev, Walkman Chanakya, etc. But this font is not available for free. If you wish to use it you would need to buy it.  For this, you need to install Summit Indica Software. After installing Summit Indica Software, you can work with Chanakya font in any DTP(Desktop Publishing) software like, Pagemaker, Corel, InDesign, Quark Express, etc..

After finishing installation of this software you cannot directly start working with Chanakya.  You need to change some settings otherwise you can face  problems while typing.
First of all you change the Language to Devnagari. Then the style of Keyboard to Remington

In this software package you will get 19+ different font styles for Hindi Language to stylize your typography designs. You can also use it for other Indian languages like, Gujarati, Malayalam, Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali & Oriya too.

For Hindi you get below listed, different font styles:
Ajanta, Aajtak, Alankar, Bharat, Damodar, Dastak, Daisai, Manohar, Madhur, Mdhur, Megha, Nadhra, Shankar, Sulekha, Sridhar, Urvasi, Vishal, Valmiki.

Chanakya Keyboard Layout:Chanakya Keyboard layout is similar to Kruti Dev 010 Layout. Below shown layout is the Kruti Dev 010 Layout and if you know typing with Kruti Dev, then you can easily type with Chanakya. Only few keys are not similar, otherwise it’s all the same like Kruti Dev.

Download below given image and practice with Chanakya Font or Kruti Dev, if you want to learn Hindi typing. It works same with Windows XP, 7 and others too. But if you want to work with Macintosh then you need to know some special things I will describe soon.

Hindi Keyboard: Kruti Dev 10

How can you use this image to learn Hindi typing:
>>> Download the image and open MS Word, change the font and start typing with the help of keyboard.
>>> If you do not find any alphabet on the keyboard just go to Character Map. There you can find each and every character of Hindi Script.
>>> To find Character Map go to Start->Search->Character Map.
>>> If you are typing in any software like MS Office or CorelDraw which have Autocorrect Option. Please disable it.
>>> If you are typing on your laptop then use Function Key (Fn) for short-keys. It will help you to type with speed.

Having any problem using this Keyboard or want to know more about Summit Indica Software then write your query in comment option and I will create tutorial especially for you.
Thanks for your time.


  1. please batayie iseka setting change kaise karenge.......??????? I am waiting

    1. All Programmes > Summit Indica Software and then change the keyboard settings....

  2. HOw can i type in channakya? like softwares 4c lipika and epanditIME . . . please tell how can i type in channakya font!! :(

    1. Simply install Summit Indica Software and open your application in which you want to type with Chanakya Font. Now, change your font to Chanakya and start typing. Please check the keyboard layout in this post, it will help you to type in Hindi...

  3. dear sumit
    plzz help me out , i wanna type chanakya fonts in adobe indesign cs5.5 i am ubable to type with APS designer and SKEY the default one.

    plzz help

    1. Dear Ritvik,
      You need to use Summit Indica Software to type with Chanakya in ID CS 5.5 Version. Go to the website and purchase it then your problem will be solved.

  4. Even though I installed the software and followed instructions in your earlier post.. still not getting able to use the Indica Summit fonts, not even my keyboard getting activated, pls guide.


    Girish Miglani

    1. Dear Girish,

      Hope that you have not changed the keyboard style. Please check it once again.

  5. I want to run Chanakya font in windows 8 32 bit I have purchased Indica Summit Software for windows 98 Is that software works in windows 8 Please tell me

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  7. bhi quark express 5.0 tiff file nahi La raha hain , koi smadhan bato, plz

  8. chankya font corel mai type nai ho raha hai... font select kar ke baad bhi dikhai nai de raha hai..
    krutidev aur kbc to dikhai aur type ho jata hai..photoshop mai bhi yahi problem aa rahi hai.... quark mai chankya font sahi sahi kam kar raha hai... plz help

  9. i could'nt find the summit incdica software link .. if you can provide it that will be helpful . thank you

  10. use the chanakya font for window 7 plz help me