Friday, 12 August 2011

Master Page Layout in Indesign CS3/CS4/CS5

In-Design is best software for formatting book, magazines layouts. If you want to create master page in InDesign then you can follow these steps:

Step 1: 
Double Click on the Pages Option showing right side of InDesign Window.

Then Click on the A-Master or the two pages showing in master window.

Step 2:
Format the Master Page how you want, apply headers, footers, pagination style,  auto page numbering on master page.

Look, what you creating on master page it is automatically applied on every page of the document.

Step 3: 
If you want to create more than one master page then click on the option button of pages window.
Create New Master page option will create new master on your document.

After clicking this message window will show:

Now your B Master page have been created. See how you can apply this page on selected pages of your document.
You will have do right click on the pages where you want to apply B Master and this window will show:

After clicking on Apply Master to Pages Option this window will show, here you can choose that which Master Page you want to apply on your pages.

If you have any query about Master Page in In Design Software then just write in your comment, I'll create instant tutorial for you. Thanks for your time.

In this tutorial you have learnt:
  • How to create more than one Master Pages.
  • How to apply Master Page on selected pages where you want.

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