Sunday, 28 August 2011

Use Gtalk to create Google Account

If you want to open a new gmail/google account and it's not gonna work easily then try Gtalk (google talk). It is easy to open an google account with gtalk.

  • You don't need to fill too much details about you.
  • It don't take time to openning an account.
How to:
Just download Gtalk software from google, it is free of cost. Install it in your computer and run the application.
When you open gtalk there it shows don't have an account option, click on that. A simple fill-up form will show you just fill it's details as shown in video tutorial. Your account will be created. Thanks for your visit.

When filling your form take care about this:
  • PASSWORD: Your password should not match with your username, for example if your username is mediasixteen then your password should not like, mediatwo or mysixteen. Create a different password otherwise your mailId would be hacked.
  • DATE FORMAT: Check date format if you are filling your DOB (date of birth). Check it is MM/DD/YYYY it's means first of all you will fill MM=Month, DD=Day, YYYY=Year.
  • RECOVERY EMAIL:  It's mean when you forgot your password or username then you can recover your password and username on this ID. You should fill it correctly, there you can give yahoo, sify or rediff account also.
Thanks for your time, if you have any problem creating gmail account just write here which problem you facing.

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