Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Bleed and Slug in Indesign

Bleed and Slug is very important term of printing. We use them for risk free printing.
Bleed goes beyond the edge of the document after printing. It gives extra space for printer to account the movement of the paper.

In this tutorial we will talk about Bleed Setting in In-Design CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 & CS5. There are two options for Bleed and Crop Marks in InDesign.

1. To change bleed settings we follow these instructions:

Open File option and then click to "Document Setup". Now see highlight portion in the below image. Change settings for Bleed and Slug [Slug is used to give extra information to printer for printing. That information will cut while die-cutting. It is used when a designer or type-setter want to communicate with printer about document printing.] .

Document Setup Window
2. While exporting High Quality PDFs, we can change or set bleed settings.

After finishing type-setting, formatting and design when we export PDFs, we can setup Bleeds, Crop Marks, Slug, Registration Marks, etc.. Just go to File then Export for PDF [Press Ctrl+E directly and this window will show to you.] and check Crop Marks, Bleed Marks and other marks you want to use.
But don't forget to change standard to PDF/X-1a2001, otherwise your artwork will have an issue of Dark outlines of Images in PDF.

Exporting PDF in InDesign
Free Advise:
  1. In printing we set-up Bleed to give extra space for account of the movement of paper. In USA - 1/8 inch and in UK and Europe - 2 to 5 mm, in Asia most of the designers use 2-4 mm bleed. 
  2. We can not export the PDF directly from In-Design for Quality Printing. We have to publish Post-script (PS) and then use Adobe Distiller for high quality printing. 
  3. If we have used some transparent images or psds, please change your Standard as given in image above. It will solve Black Outlines Problem in pdf.
I hope now you know all about Bleed and Slug Settings in In-Design. If you have any problem related to Book-Publishing please write in comment option. I will be waiting for your response.
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