Saturday, 22 October 2011

New Simcards for your Mobile

I'm gonna tell you about new simcard in the market. There is something interesting about simcard.

If you will have that simcard in your mobile, you don't need to have memory chips because your simcard will have inbuilt memory 4GB to 8GB. You just need to purchase a new mobile who can support these kind of simcards.

It will save your money your time and you don't need to change everytime your sim and memory card. Becuase it will carry your images, videos, contact numbers, etc.

Benefit for mobile company:
Mobile company will save their money because there will be no need to give extra chip for memorycards or simcards, there will be only one chip for both.

Benefits for Network Companies:
No one change their simcards fluently because of memories.

This card is not available in the market, this is just my imagination.... what do you think of this?
Is this possible?
Would you like to purchase this kind of gadget?

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