Saturday, 5 November 2011

Design Headers for Books

Designing A Header : in CorelDraw, Indesign, Illustrator or QuarkExpress
When you work on any book layout and want to stylize headers, footers, pagination, etc., this tutorial will help you to understand it. When we want to design header, first we consider the content of the chapter or unit. If this is a science book then we use science elements in the header and if that is mathematics book then the mathematics elements.
When we work on children books, we can play with insects, animals, birds, trees and plants. Here you can see a good example of header.
These are points to remember while designing a header for children books.
  • Font for the header should be clear, childish and smart. For better example you can use Comic Sans font.
  • We should use different design of header for a different chapter that the children will not bother watching it again and again. At least you should change the color of stripes.
  • We should use enough space for header. For example we can use 2 inch for the unit.

Click here to download header for redesign.

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