Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Invoice For Illustration Job

If you are an illustrator / graphic designer / visualizer / DTP operator or anything like this. You work from home and when your job is completed, you want to create an invoice or bill for your work then you need to take care of these things.
First of all I want to explain the points highlighted on the invoice shown in the article.

  1. Logo or name of your company, organization. You can also write your name here if you don't own a company.
  2. Here you can write your complete address, it should be proper address of your company. You can also mention your email address and website address of your company. Also mobile or landline number, any contact number.
  3. Here you will have to write the name of company for you done the job. If I have worked for Google, Bing, Youtube, etc., then I will have to write Google or Youtube here. You can show the complete address of that company, contact number, website address and logo also.
  4. This is having 3 information about your bill, invoice date, total due and due date. When we create any invoice, we need to write these details on the bill and it should also be highlighted.
  5. Description explains that what you did. It explains about your work, job done for the company. If you have work for any storyboard then your can write here all the details about project. You can show how many frames you did. If you have created any logo, layout, header, illustration, icon, identity, advertisement design, etc., you can write here all about this.
    We will have to mention the quantity and hours, we worked. Also rate/price we charge. In the last option we total the amount of our one project.
  6. This is for subtotal, tax we pay for the payment, previous balance details, if we have taken some money in cash or cheque, and the last one option is total due balance.
  7. Payment details will have all the informations about company or your bank account here you will mention your PAN number for tax paying. If you don't own any bank account you can have self cheque too. But in PAN number is must to show.
You can also advertise about your company here in this invoice, also can play with the design of the invoice. You can give a message for the company you done the job that you have enjoyed working with that, etc..
Thanks for paying attention, if you see any mistake or want to mention anything in this article, you can write your message in comment option. I am waiting for your response. Thanks for your time.

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