Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Remove and Add-on Extensions in Google Chrome

If you want to remove Google Chrome Extensions you will have to follow these options.
Click on the Right Top Customize and Control Google Chrome Button then click on the Tools Option and then Extensions Option then Remove or Add them. If you want to see a complete tutorial about this then read this article. There you will get all the details about Extensions.
First you will have to click on the button Customize and control google chrome , showing right and top side of the window.
When you will click on this button, you will see a lot of option there like:
  1. Creating a new tab
  2. Opening a new window
  3. Opening a new incognito window
  4. Bookmarks, how to add, delete bookmarks
  5. Editing tools, like cut, copy and paste
  6. Zoom option of window
  7. You can save your page
  8. Find something on the page
  9. Printing option
  10. Tools: In tools option you will see lot of options like:
    a. You can create application shortcuts by it's first option.
    b. Extensions is the option we talking about in this tutorial. Here you can add, modify and remove your extensions in Google Chrome.
    c. Clear Browsing data option is very good option in google chrome or internet explorer. By this you can clean your browsing data and no-one can find out what you did with the internet.
    d. Reporting an issue option
    e. Encoding option
    f. View source is also a good tool in google chrome and internet
    g. Developer Tool option
    h. JavaScript console option
  11. History means history. We forget sometimes, what we did, what we opened on internet. History is a good option to find out what we did in last week, last month, or day.
  12. Downloads option to find out what did you download.
  13. Options: Here you will find some important options of google chrome.
    By clicking on this option button a new tab will open, for more details see in the image below.

    Here we see 4 options Basics, Personal Stuff, Under the Hood and Extensions.
    Extensions is the option we are searching for. Click on the Extensions. You will see this window.

    Here are three major options to control extensions. First One is Enabled Option.
    Enable Option: By this option you can control your extensions. If you don't like them and want to remove for temporary use then you can uncheck the enable option.
    Remove Option: If you don't like to have extensions in your chrome then you can remove all of them or selected.
    Get More Extensions: By this option you can add more extensions to your google chrome.
I hope you got this and don't have any confusion in your mind. If you have any then write down your problem in comment option and I will solve it soon. Thanks for your time.

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