Friday, 18 November 2011

Typing Work From Home

I was very upset, left my job and was free at my home. I did not join any company because I don't want to join a company that pays me half of my skills. So, I decided that I will work from home. I started working but that was not working well. I got some work for digital coloring and finished it. I got some money but that was not enough for me to pay my room rent too.
I decided to visit the market, publishers, studios, add agencies, for the freelance work. Then, I got some work from a publication. The work was, Hindi, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Urdu & English Typing. That content was related to school magazine. All the articles was written by school boys and girls. The project was typing, layouting, adding clip arts, and make it to ready for print.
That was 40 pages magazine. I got 50 rupees/ 1 Dollar for per page. I typed my first magazine in 1 and half day and half day I took for layouting and cliparts. That was 1500 in two days. I completed 20 magazine in one month and got 30,000 rupees.
Now you can understand that if you know how to type, you can earn from home.
Tell me how you make money by typing in Hindi and English.

Job Details:
Hindi Typing
20 Pages (including: Sanskrit, Home Science, Science, Mathematics & General Knowledge)
English Typing
20 (including: Science, Mathematics, General Knowledge, etc..)
Content Pages
3 (Principal's Message, Editor's Note, School Annual Report, etc..)

Photographs and Drawings
12 Pages (Annual Day, Sport's Day, Yuva Club, Eco Club, Primary Section, Independence and Republic Day, etc..)

Job was so cool, I enjoyed working with school magazines and I didn't left a single article for adding in school magazine. I know that how a child feel when he/she see his article in school magazine. It is same about photograph.
If you want this kind of work you can also contact publishers who deals in school magazines.


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