Thursday, 3 November 2011

Freelancing is Cool if You Know How to Manage

Hi this is Sumit, a Freelance Graphic Designer from India. I want to share some experience that will be beneficial for you if you want to start as Freelancer. I did job in starting and same I suggest to you, you should start working as employee and should co-operate with your team. Learn AS MUCH AS YOU CAN from them. From start to end, you should be curios about everything.

Because a graphic designer and freelance graphic designer should have everything in him/her. Planning, Gathering contents, Designing and finishing with the best possible option. In Indian Market you don't get the client who expect your designs at first sight. They always demand for change. So, what you should always do, know the taste of your client. Sit with him, ask which type of designs they like. Ask them, "Dear Sir, I can design good but If you will help me to do. Please suggest me some colors, fonts and samples of designs from internet. And I will give my best."

Respecting your client is must for you even if he want all his creatives in Desi Style. Because you will get paid only after satisfying the client not to you. So, understand what they want then do your home work. Home work means don't finish the design if you have any query in your mind. Just create the sample, a rough sample using Corel, Photoshop and other tools and show that. Which the client like most finish it. If you will give your finished sample at first time, they will change it. So, go with the rough first time.

Also when you share samples with the client. Share at least 3 and maximum 3 samples. Because if you show less then they think that you have not given time to that and if you give more then they will confuse and will say you, " They are good but try more." It happened with me so give only 3 samples. One what they want. One what you want to make. And last One combination of Both.

  • YOUR FIRST CLASS PC OR MACNot very good PC if you are going for 2D Designing. But if you also work on Software like, Premiere, After-Effects, 3D-Max or Maya then you need a good System with Graphic Card.
  • INTERNET WITH GOOD SPEED & 24X7 CONNECTIVITYWhile working from home you should always be connected with internet because for each and every changes you can not go to Cyber-Cafe or to your friend. And you have to send heavy files too.
  • A LAPTOP FOR PRESENTATIONSome clients want to see the designer how he's doing their work. When a client work with you very first time you should discuss the basics with him/her on screen. When you understand him/her perfectly then can work from home.
  • SOFTWARES LIKE, COREL, PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR, ACROBAT, MS OFFICE, ETC.We need all the software because designing creatives is not tough if you have all the tools, internet and creative mind. Software like PS, AI, ID, CDR all use for design for 2D and publications. But when we work with Multimedia we need other software...
  • INTERNET KEYWORD RESEARCHING KNOWLEDGEThis is what my boss told me when I was working as Script Writer, he asked me how much experience you have? I replied, "Sir, Six Months." Then he replied, "Now, it is 20 years and Six Months, because from now My experience will be added in yours." So, same for you, don't start working before researching over internet. Give at least 15 minutes to researching and then start working.
  • MAIL WRITING SKILLSLac of communication can reject your samples, if you can not describe or present your designs in good way then there will be problem. So, research over internet how to send official mails.
  • ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY It is international language and you can work with the world but if the other guy don't speak it. Take help of online translation tools you can work easily.

Thanks for your time if you want to know more just send your query on my Gmail that is


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