Friday, 16 December 2011

Create Templates in Corel or Indesign

If you want to create a fresh template in CorelDraw or InDesign, you just need to care about these things:

  • How much font you want to use in your document/book/layout.
  • How much color swatches you are using in your file.
  • You want to create your layout in double-spread or in single spread.
  • Specify the table borders and colors.
  • If you want to use any text with undreline like: Fill in the blanks. Then you need to final the size of your underline to create a character style for it.
  • What is the size of your document?
  • Bleed, margin, footer and header sizes.

There are lot of things you need to look before starting to create a new template in DTP software. But here are some important things you need to keep in your mind:
  • Always create a layout in double spread. It enhance the looking your book and you can visualize the print also that how will this look in right side and left side, both pages in single view.
  • Use cut flash object in your layout/work, it is a good skill of presentation.
  • Work with master page, there you can put your guidelines for margin, bleed and etc..
  • Create styles for character, box and paragraph to work accurately and fast.

Here are only few tips, we hope we will give you more suggestions in future also, thanks.

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