Monday, 25 June 2012

Commenting for Non-Language DTPier

Hi, I'm Sumit Pundeer working as a Graphic Designer cum DTP Operator for many years. Working with translation companies is very interesting. Here I want to share some of my experience that how Proof-Readers should comment for a Non-Language DTPier
Start with the commenting on PDFs with Adobe Acrobat Professional. If you will comment on print-outs then it will not be possible for that person to resolve your comment. You just need to comment as shown below....
  • If there is any text to DELETE, just highlight that text with highlighter tool and comment like, "Delete this text".
  • If you see any wrong translation and want to replace it with new text. Then highlight the text and comment "This text" should be change with "New Text". There will be no confusion for DTPier to understand it.
  • If there is bad breaking of any word then select the both parts and comment, "This is single word".
  • If there any word attaching with another comment, "Detach the words. They are two different words". You can also paste new detached words in comment that she/he can understand where to break it.
  • If there is any image or picture missing then mark that area with rectangle tool and comment, "Missing Image check with source".
  • If there is any font issue then highlight the text and comment, "DTP issue, please check font". You can also give the reference for the font name.
If you want to know more about the commenting on PDFs with comment and mark-up tool then check this post.



If you have any magic trick then please share it here, it can save time of DTP persons and Proofreaders also.
Thanks for your time...

Standard International Proofreading Marks

Please use the standard international proofreading marks shown below. Many text corrections are entered by non-language typesetters and the markup needs to be VERY clear.
Be as clear as possible:
  1. Use red pen.
  2. Use the margins to show (or repeat-) corrections.
  3. Remember the corrections are generally entered by someone who does not understand the language. Do not take anything for granted.

 Follow these specifications:



Leave as was
Make lower case
Make upper case (caps)
Add italics

Add underline
Make bold
Add space
Remove space
Paragraph here
Bring up

Move here



Delete, take out
Close up space
Delete, close up space
Align text
Question mark

Single quotes
Double quotes
Set in capitals
Set in lower case
Set in initial caps
Set in bold face type
Set in roman type
Insert space
New paragraph
Center text
Spell out
Let it stand
Exclamation point
Em dash
En dash
Set in small caps
Set in italic type
Wrong font

If you have more information about marking, then share it in the comment option. We will be great for that.
Thanking You!!!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Working on Microsoft LocStudio Tutorial

When we start to working with LocStudio. We need to follow some steps, here in this tutorial we will help you to know:
  • „„How to install filter in LocStudio Software.
  • „„How to apply filter in LocStudio Files.
  • „„How to start working on LocStudio Files.

First of all we have to install the filters in LocStudio Software. Follow these steps to installing the filters.

  1. „„Before installing the filters please make sure LocStudio is not open.
  2. „„Copy the filter file (.lsf) to the folder C:\%ProgramFiles%\LocStudio\filters.
  3. „„Now start LocStudio Software.

Step 1#

Open the File.

Step 2#

Go to Software and then click to Open Translation. You can also press F4 for this step. See image below.

Step 2: Opening the Translation

Your translation file will show to you. To applying the filter follow next steps…

Step 3#

On the left window there is Filter Options.
Click on the Filter to expand. Expand it as shown in the image below.

Expanding the Filter Options in LocStudio
  • Filters
  • „„>> LocStudio Filters
  • „„>>>>User Filters
  • „„>>>>>>To apply Right-Click and Click on Apply Filter. See image for reference.
Applying Filter in LocStudio

Now you can start the translation. If you have any problem doing that you can contant us. We will be great to help you.

Thanks for your time…