Monday, 13 August 2012

Text tool in CorelDraw

This tutorial will help you to working with Text Tool in Corel. Here we have been using Corel X5, the options are same in older versions too. We will discuss about:
·         Typing Text in Corel
·         Artistic and Paragraph Text in Corel
·         Formatting Text in Corel
·         Converting Text to Curve

Typing Text
Click on the TEXT TOOL and drag a box on the document. Now a box will show to you like [img2]. Start typing your text in the text box.

Artistic and Paragraph Text
Artistic Text: When we just click on the document window with TEXT TOOL and type text, It is called Artistic Text. We use this while designing advertisements and want to create special text effects.
Paragraph Text: Creating text box with above given method and typing or pasting text directly in this box will create Paragraph Text. Image below will show you difference between Artistic and Paragraph Text.

Text Formatting
Basic Toolbar for Text Formatting is shown below.

If you want to see more options for formatting then go to Text Bar and try all options one-by-one. Image shown below will help you to find suitable option for formatting. Click on the option to know more about it.
·         Character Formatting
·         Paragraph Formatting
·         Tab
·         Column
·         Bullet
·         Drop-Cap
·         Edit Text
·         Insert Symbol Character
·         Insert Formatting Code
·         Fit Text to Path
·         Align to Baseline
·         Straighten Text
·         Paragraph Text Frame
·         Use hyphenation
·         Hyphenation on Settings
·         Writing Tools
·         Encode
·         Change Case
·         Make Text Web Compatible
·         Covert to Artistic Text
·         Text Statistics
·         Show Non-Printing Characters

Converting Text to Curve
When we send any document for printing, we convert text to curve. Because the fonts used in the file will not be affected while printing the document. To convert text to curve we simple select the text and then press Ctrl+Q. We can also edit and give a special effect to text by converting to curve. It makes object to text and we can use all features/options as we use on object like;
·         Coloring with Mesh Tool
·         Editing the Nodes with Direct selection tool
·         Changing shape of characters
·         And more…
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