Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Using Online Translator for Smart Working

If you know how to use an online translation for Desktop Publishing and Translation then you life will be easy. I am Sumit, working in a translation agency as typesetter and formatter, here I want to share some of my experience that how I have used Google Translator to work smartly.

Using for Global Advertisement and Promotional Designs
Sometimes I have to design the advertisements or promotional in Arabic (Middle Eastern Language) or Spanish. I do not the meaning of lines what I am designing. A graphic designer should be aware of each and every line of text while designing. For this I take help from Google Translator. I simply paste the lines on translator and then translate it to Hindi (My native Language) or English or etc.. It is so helpful and today I can work in each and every language like; Arabic, Farsi, Persian, French, Spanish, etc..

Using for XCLIFF Editor
If you are related to translation then you know how hard is TAGGING a translation in XLIFF file. And if you are non-language person then It is impossible to work with. Translator fear to work with Tools and want to work in Excel, and then we need to paste that text in XCLIFF. Sometimes in Asian languages, the order of text change and Tagged text is difficult to find. For that, I use Google Translator. Just copy your text and paste it in GT, now roll-over your mouse on the text which you want to TAG. It will automatically highlight your translation on the same place. It makes easy to recognize source TAGS in Translation. Use it or any other online translator to work with Multilingual XCLIFF files.

Using for Different Terminology
Every word have more than one meaning, sometimes more than ten. It comes to know when we read or listen the complete sentence. When we want to translate any document we can use online translation for better terminology related to content. Sometimes it is hard to recall your memory on that time you can use this and make your job easy.

How you used Google Translator?
Tell the world how you used it to make your life easy… You can help a person to be smart at working or can die with trick inside your mind. You better know what I mean…

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  1. I do not always trust Google translations. Google is great with doing literal translations, but when you get to phrases and idioms that are region specific, and then you lose that great tool. Instead, I have found that contacting a translation agency will eliminate some of those problems that this causes. It may cost you a few dollars, but at the same time you are getting a professional translation.