Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Road Map Design in Brochures and Newsletters

Designing for any advertisement or promotional have been so good for me. When I design any corporate brochure for any company where contact and address have importance there I always use a extra element and that is Location Map, Site Map or we can say Location Map. We use this when we are making any poster for a event, exhibition, competition, performance, inauguration, etc.. Here I have attached a sample for location map of a Real Estate Company that is going to launch a new project in Dehradun.

I always use these kind of elements to make a better and beautiful design. I have used orange color lines for roads and blue part to show river. I have also used compass to understand the view of Location Map. Here I have collected some examples which are designed very well. I hope you liked the idea. If you have any better solution to design a location map then attach a link here in comment option.

Reference: http://www.lvpei.org/location-map-hyderabad.html

Reference: http://makaansearch.com/kiran-apartments-vip-road-zirakpur.php

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  1. I learnt a lot from this blog which is shared here about the brochure significance and the procedure to make it perfect.