Thursday, 8 November 2012

Freelance Graphic Designer | Sumit Pundeer

“Dream comes true” it is true. Hi, my friends this is Sumit Pundeer. I had a dream to work from home as a Freelance Graphic Designer. I hate busy cities, I always wanted to work freely. My mentality was affected by a studio of Delhi, Henu Art Studio. It was great to work with Henu Ma’am. She is a great BOSS you can ever work with. There was freedom in working, we were producing high quality of creative work and enjoying life. I wanted to be like her, a good boss.
Today, I have my own setup at my home. I am enjoying working from home. Working with my family. I have a small lab where I have 3 computers, printer, scanner, fax, broadband. It was hard to find work when I started. But, I worked hard, did some telemarketing, SEO of my portfolio, etc.. I concentrated on the quality not quantity of work. Today I have a good line of clients. I have been working with great resources. All my resources are talented and creative.
If you also want to work from home then start today, it is difficult but most interesting to be you OWN BOSS. If you want my help to finding work online, then contact me. I will be great if I can help you…
Thanks for your time!!!


  1. Hello,
    I also want to work from home, please help.

    1. Dear Harsh,
      It is good thing but for that you need a PC, Internet Connection, Some Applications in it, Some experience to work from home. If you will tell me what is your specialization your background then I can give you better suggestion...