Friday, 15 February 2013

Scaling PDF Size with In Design

Why to Reduce or Enhance Document Size?
I got a job, it was tough but done smartly. Job was to Enhance Page Size of a News Magazine. Old size was 7.75 inch, width and 10.75 inch, height. New size was 8 inch-width and height proportionally to width. There was 100 editions of magazines with 16 pages in each edition. File was in Pagemaker 7 format. You can understand how much time will take to do that. But I used Adobe In Design to do the job. 
Below is the tutorial showing how I did it. I hope you will learn a new trick by reading this post.

Required Software
  • Acrobat Professional 7 or latest
  • Acrobat Distiller 
  • Adobe InDesign

How can we create the PDF in new required size?
  • First of all open your document with InDesign and press Ctrl+P to print the document.
  • Change your General settings as shown in image below.
  • Change Printer to Adobe PDF

  • Now go to Setup Option. See image below for Print Setup Window (Shown below).

  • Change the Paper Size in the new size, We have changed it in A4 because our new document size will be printed on A4 Size Page.
  • Change Scale in new size. We have changed it to 108% proportionally.
  • Change Page Position as you want. We have changed it in Centered.
  • Now click on Print Option and follow some steps as we create a PDF in InDesign. 
Now save this file wherever you want. Your file is ready to use. Thanks for your time. If you having any problem then write it to me at or you can comment your query in the comment option.

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