Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Professional Photography & Image Editing Service

Professional photography is very important to market your product online or offline. One of my client a hotelier, wanted me to design their brochure. He sent some images and content. I designed a brochure but It was not looking good, the reason was photographs. Photos was dull, blurred and old. I asked for new photographs but he didn't had.

He asked me for photography service, then we provide professional photography service. I was so interested to work for that man. So I was available on the photoshoot with my camera person. I found the hotel was great. It is a cool hotel of Massoorie, with variety of rooms and suits. I photographed the hotel it's window side view, it's interior, it's lighting effect, it's bathrooms & everything what was required. Then we edited the final images and found some beautiful and stunning images at the last stage. Then I designed their Brochure, flyer, tariff, ads, hoardings, menu card and portfolio webpage from those photos. Now, it's identity is very impressive. Mr. hotelier was so happy with my work and I too.

So, if you are looking for Photoshop your hotel, or for any business purpose. Contact us we will be there with a creative concept and multi-talented team. We are responsible for Stationary Design, Advertisement Design, Campaign Design, Websites & Portfolio Design. So, ring us and feel free...

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