Friday, 8 November 2013

Stylish Menu Card for Zaffran's Cafe & Restaurant

So much difficulties but the job is done with perfection. I designed a Menu Card, 20 page menu card for a restaurant and they asked for leather or raxin cover and the logo should be Metal & embossed. Size was also odd, it was 12"x9" (inches) not possible to print on Digital Machines. But at the last I did it. Everybody knows that leather cover cost too much so I used hard board paper for it's binding. I purchased Silk Black Paper from Sona Papers (importers any kind of texture sheet) and also purchased imported textured sheet for inner 20 pages.
Now, I need to print it. The complete size of print was 24"x9" and most of the digital machines run 12"x18". So, for this I printed the job on Konika Digital Machine which runs the paper size 13"x40". Prints was great, colorful and lovely and we know if we use any imported sheet then we never go for lamination because of the paper feel. So, I gone for varnish on both sides.
The most difficult part was it's binding, I gone to binders but no one was doing it because of the quantity, so I paid more the binding because I had only 20 copies to be made. They took the time, one day time for the binding process and the result was great. Menu was looking so nice, now I final touch was remaining. The metal Logo on the cover.
For metal logo I gone to Asian Watch company, Delhi. They creates the watch material in silver, gold and bronze too. It was a good alternative to get it printed from there. They print letter size sheets and my 20 logos was printed on two sheets in golden. I pasted the logo over the front and it was looking elegant, classic and beautiful menu cards...

1st Page of Menu Card (There was 20 Pages in the Series)

I proud to get done that work, so if you are looking for classic menu cards for your hotel, restaurant or bar then call me. I will design and print your imagination...

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