Sunday, 23 March 2014

Creating Icons with CorelDraw in Just 20 Seconds!!!

Vector icons make your design more classy. Tracing the icons takes too much time so we use Automatic Tracing Technique of Corel. Here in this tutorial you will know how to use Automatic tracing method to creating icons so fast.

Here I am creating a location map for a real estate project of Dehradun. Here I have used many of icons for Clock Tower, Hospital, Mandir, College, Banks, Shopping Malls, etc.. It does not take time to create these kinds of simple icons. Just download the image and trace it and then use Back Minus Font Technique of Corel. Read the steps below:

I will show you how you can create Symbols for you. Please see the image below. We are going to make it in 20 Seconds.

Open the Google Image Browser and Type Bank. You will find this Piggy image just copy the image and paste in Corel. Now select the image and click on Tracing Bitmap Button as shown in image below. There click on Quick Trace in drop down button. And your image will be traced, it can take some time according the details of your image.

It looks like this after finishing. 

Now ungroup the tracing and actual image. There you need to use some logic because CorelDraw's Automatic Tracing system trace by color each color will become one object. So there are two white objects between this black icon. Select both by pressing Ctrl button and then press Weld button as shown in the image. Now delete all other objects and keep only these black and white objects and group it .Your icon is ready now. 

If you want to make it transparent then ungroup it again and select all. Now click on Back Minus Front Button and your Transparent Bank Icon is ready now. 

We need to make it more clarifying so we will add Rupee symbol in it. Search for it on internet and use same technique > Paste it Corel > Select it > Click on Quick Tracing > Delete other objects > Put that object on this icon where you want to use it > Select all and Click on Back Minus Front and your design is ready. 

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