Tuesday, 8 July 2014

NRI Demographics to Advertise Real Estate Projects

NRI- प्रवासी भारतीय is more than 200 Crore now. Spreading all over the world. In starting when England started colonization of world Indians are sent to grow the crops and for hardworking labour to all over the World. But now we Indians are civilized and proud to get the most remittance from from Foreign Countries (Up-to $70 Billion).

Most of the Indians are in below mentioned Countries and Cities of the World.

Mauritius, Singapore, Canada - Toronto, Vancouver, UK - London & Midlands, UAE - Dubai, Kuwait, Oman, Australia -Sydney, Brisbane and New York City. Major in IT Companies and Engineering. Spreading all over the world on good positions, Indians are the top in Rich-list. That is enough to show how we stand out in the World.  The countries and cities mentioned here are the research result over internet. You may get more by using your own references.

Now, the most important thing to market for NRI, here we can use these mediums to direct target NRI Investors.
  1. SMS & E-Mail Campaign - Hire any agency which can provide you trusted and verified data to start your campaign. 
  2. Property Shows on Trade Fare - Take part in property shows and give a unique presentation of your project. 
  3. Advertise through Newspaper - UAE is focusing on Real Estate Development but there are plenty of investors who can invest and the best medium to advertise is Newspaper Ad. 
  4. Google Adword Campaigns - You can target the specific locations of these cities by using PPC Campaigns. And also can buy good property listing websites to advertise. 
  5. And the last medium is Outdoor Advertisement.
There are more things to do, but it all depends how you treat with the leads you getting, your conversation ratio and presentation level. I hope this post is beneficial for you. For more knowledge about Real Estate Marketing subscribe the blog.

Thanks for your Time!!!

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