Friday, 19 June 2015

Blogging is Best for Earning Money from Home!!!

If you like anything, and you know everything about it. Just write on or websites, where you can create free account for Blog. It is time to take decision. Create a good name for your blog (what is available). Then start writing articles about it. Just like I am from India, working as freelance graphic designer. So, I have a blog about me. I have a blog about Hindi Tutorials for Graphic Design (, because our language is Hindi. I know one day I will get good traffic, means good people on my blog to read it. Once I will complete all the writing I will get good money from that and Sitting from Home, Playing with my Family, I know that.

So, How to Create a Blog??

Go to there you will get your answer. You just need to have an account in Gmail or any, you can sign up too.

Don't Copy and Paste!!!

Decide a Template as you want to create it. Just start to write about you now everything. Make a good start. Don't copy and paste from other sources because you will not allow to use Google's Adsense Account for earning if you do that. My Adsense account is blocked for this problem.

At Least 300 Words!!!

Whatever you are writing, at least make 300 words per article. You can use some images in each blog that will make it interesting.

When you have good Traffic, Make it Adsense Blog!!!

You just need to know when you are having 500 visitors per day. And when you have it just use Adsense to earn. Search on Google for that. That is free account, you get only when you have good visitors.

If having any problem, you can write on the comment bar.!!!

Thanks for your time!!!

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