Saturday, 12 December 2015

RTI Form for Gram Panchayat Works

To, The Public Information Officer, C/o District Magistrate (D.M), District – Gorakhpur - 273413 Uttar Pradesh

The Public Information Officer,
C/o District Magistrate (D.M),
District – Gorakhpur – 273413
Uttar Pradesh

Subject: Information required under the Right to Information Act 2005

Dear Sir,
Kindly provide me with the following information requested under the purview of the Right to Information Act, 2005.
Regarding -: Welfare work done for Gram Panchayat.
Kindly provide the following information related to welfare work done for
Gram Panchayat – JAGARNATH PUR, Block – KAURIRAM, District – GORAKHPUR, Uttar Pradesh
Particulars of information required : Please provide the certified copy of all the below information in my Email id as well as to below address.
  1. what is the name and serving period of Gram Pradhan/Sarpanch of Jagarnath Pur Gram Panchayat.
  2. Account number/bank name/account name of  Gram Pradhan where money has sent for welfare work.
  3. Amount deposited/cheque number with dates to Gram Pradhan account.
2. What is the total amount of funds/money allocated under various heads/schemes to JAGARNATH PUR Gram Panchayat during the year 2008-12?
3.  Provide the following details of works done by the above mentioned Gram Panchayat with following particulars for period of 2008 to 2012 :
a)    Name of Work/purpose for which the expenditure was incurred
b)    Brief description of the work/purpose
c)    Approved fund/amount for each and every work.
d)    Date of approval of work/purpose
e)    Position/ state of completion of each of the work or the ongoing work
f)    Name of the agency responsible for getting each of the work done
g)    Date of commencement of each work
h)    Date of completion of each work
i)     What is the rate at which the contract for work has been given?
j)     How much money has already been paid?
k)    An Attested copy of the sketch of the each work
l)     When and on which basis the decision for getting the work done was taken? provide a copy of the decision
j)     Provide the names of the Assistant Engineer and the super intending engineers who supervised the work and approved the payments. Which part of the work was supervised by him?
Period pertaining to information:  March 2008 till date.
Find the application fee for the request attached with this application (Indian Postal Order No. _________dated __________ is enclosed).
If you feel that above requested information does not pertain to your department then please follow the provisions of Section 6(3) of the RTI Act, 2005/Also as per the provisions of the RTI Act, 2005 please provide the details (Name and Designation) of the first appellate authority w.r.t to your department with the reply to the above request., where I may if required file my first appeal.
I do hereby declare that I am a citizen of India. Kindly provide me with the information at the address/email id mentioned with the application. I request you to ensure that the information is provided before the expiry of the 30 day period after you have received the application.
“I request to forward the application to designated official APIO/Public Information Officer”


Thursday, 10 December 2015

Customized Birthday Cards in Dehradun - 9997833350

Buy Special customized Birthday Cards
for your Special One.

step 01: Send a good resolution photo of your kid and some text you want on the card, Venue, Contact, etc.
step 02: Send it to or contact us at +91 9997833350 for any query.
step 03: I will design it for you and will send some samples. 
step 04: send your feedback and I will change it as you want. 
Oh Good! Your Card Design is Ready.  

Printing & Envelopes:
Your card will be printed on Art Paper with Digital Printing Machine. 
Please confirm before if you want Envelopes too? (Extra Charges)
 We will also send you Mailer & Digital Card to send by Mail, Whatsapp and to Post on your Facebook Wall. 

Your One Share can give me some business. 
Thank You!!!

Friday, 4 December 2015

Cost Effective Idias for Glow Sign and LED Sign Boards

If you are planning to install LED Signs or Glowing Sign Board for your Office, Hotel, Store, etc. then this article gonna help you a lot. LED Signs are expensive lets know why?

Glow-sign Board designed for Clothing Brand Manyavi @ Haridwar

LED Signs Costs (December'2015)

  • Framing with MS Pipe and Alex Paneling costs you Rs. 160 per Square Feet ($2.71 per Square Feet). To select one click on this link: ALEX SHADES
  • After Framing with ALEX you need 3D Letter of Acrylic and Waterproof Quality LED Modules and Supply costs you INR 170 per Inch ($3.16 per Inch). So main reason of cost is LED Lights, if you use branded lights with maximum warranty then it cost Rupees 20 extra. 
So, an average Sign Board with LED cost you Rs. 20,000 (+-). Now, what about this article, here I am helping you with one idea that will glow the sign but reduce it's cost 50%. 

You can use Tube Lights not LEDs. That will be better. Just ask your vendor that you want Base of Alex and want Letter in Acrylic with 1 inch embossed that will be pasted from inside with Tubes. 

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Printer of 3D Letters/ Glowsign/ LED Signs/ Backlit Signs Boards in Dehradun

For any kind of Signs printing contact us at 9760829608 or 9997833350 - Sumit Pundeer. 

If you are looking to do something creative with your sign board as shown below then please contact us, we are the best solution to design your imaginations.

We are experienced designers of Dehradun servicing in Hotels, Restaurants, Clothing Stores, Residential Projects, Institutes and Corporate Companies. Working smartly and meeting the deadlines. We are here if you want something different for your company or store, etc.. LED signs, Neon Signs, 3D letters on ACP Panels. We use best quality of Materials and give world-class finishing to our jobs.

If you have any work just share the image where you want to put 3D Letters or Signs and share few samples with us, what you want. We will send you quote price and the time we will take for that. Rates??? No worry about rates we are working for passion, we don't charge too much. Try and be happy.

Contact Immediately for Redesign your Glow-sign because that is the main point of Attraction for customers. One special thing is we don't charge for presentation. If you want to redesign your glowsign or anything just share it's image with us and we will send you the best option to put there. Please share your budget when you send that image on

Wishing you successful year ahead.


Sumit Pundeer
+91 9760829608