Thursday, 21 April 2016

Real Estate Campaign - Tricks and Ideas

Hello guys, I respect your hunger for money that's why you chosen real estate as career. Here are few tips that how can you generate maximum traffic as I have done in past.

I know you are going to earn a lot buy just using these tactics but I am sharing for a reason, A reason that I love to help people, because I know one day we both will be no more but this text can benefit a lot so read carefully and follow these things and If you think there is some error then suggest in comment box I will edit that. 

Ideas that Worked for me:

How to find relevant data for Calling or Bulk SMS

Paste every lead you generate by anything, cold calling, meeting or direct visit with Internet. Just paste the contact number or mail id on and you may find relevant data by just clicking on it. 

And if you don't get then will get few information where the guy is working, his experience, his company details, or anything you find you can use it wisely.

Just check the below video to check how to do it. 

If you get PDF or Word files or any file where you get some directory and you are having problem to extracting numbers from it just mail me it on I will do it for you. Or you can contact me on +91 09997833350.

How to Manage Online Advertisements

When you going for online advertisement or lead generation then you need your website. It is not a big problem just find a person/company who can design website give them your content and when this is complete then just start Google Adwords Campaigns, it works really good for real estate business. 

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