Sunday, 24 July 2016

Reflective Vinyl, Flex & Stickers in Dehradun - Call: 9997833350

If you are looking for Reflective Flex, Vinyl or Stickers in Dehradun? Your search ends here. We are providing high quality printed jobs with HP Latex Printer with very impressive design and finishing solutions. If you are planning to design your new office, restaurant, hotel, or any business office, we will help you do that. 

Reflective Flex: 

The major difference between vinyl and flex is of gumming. Vinyl has gumming but the flex not. Reflective flex costs you only Rs. 65 / Sq.Ft.. But I suggest not to print reflective flex for hoarding/billboards. You can use it for small size prints only. If you want to reflect any object, any special object of your design then try to paste reflective vinyl on that special area.

Reflective Vinyl:

It has more glow and more bright colors then flex. Vinyl used for road signs/ sign poles / arrow poles / etc.. Reflective vinyl costs you Rs. 50 / Sq.Ft., Lamination cost is extra that is Rs. 20/ Sq.Ft..   Most important the printer, It always depend which printer you choose for print. If you go with Solvent Printer we get normal print but with HP Latex Printer the color looks very bright and long-lasting. If we want to enhance the vinyl life then only we should go with lamination. 

Car Stickers:

Car Glass Stickers are normally pasted from inside that costs you Rs. 1/ Sq.Inch. if your order is in good quantity. There are three types of stickers we deals in. First normal sticker printed from inside but it does not contain any radium/reflection in it. If you want glowing stickers in fluorescent colors then we use heavy gumming vinyl and cut it logo shape with plotter. That your sticker looks transparent not like an object. Third one technique is we paste transparent film to cover it from top to enhance its life. 

Hope you got the idea how can we deliver better services in best rates. So, kindly contact for any printing or promotional work at below given number. Post your queries in comment box I will be happy to answer you.


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