Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Standees in Dehradun - (Call) 9997833350

Looking for Standee or Banner Printing in Dehradun? You are at right place. We design and print best quality of Banners/Flex for Standees, Canopies and other promotional material. Normally you get 6x2 Sq.Ft. Standee with Normal Flex but with us you can get smart 6x3 sq.ft. standee with best quality print material.

We already provide services to Real Estate Firms, College & Schools and Corporate and Government Firms. Our office is located at Canal Road, Near Patanjali Store in the name of Doon Projects. For business meeting call us at 9997833350 or visit our office.

Sumit Pundir

Customized Umbrellas in Dehradun - (Call) 9997833350

Looking for Promotional, Garden, Golf & Folding Umbrella in Dehradun? Call Immediately at 9997833350 and your problem will be solved. We deals in quality Umbrellas and all other kind of materials like Banner, Standees, Flex and Tent or Canopy items.

Providing our best to Real Estate, Schools & Colleges and Corporate and Government Firms in Dehradun. Your delivery is just a call away. We just dont print Umbrellas, but we can design special one for you. So, choice is yours you want deal with a normal vendor or you want to use our services who are passionate about our work. Below given prices are subject to change.

Call for Meeting: 9997833350 (Sumit Pundir)

Friday, 21 April 2017

How to work from Home? Generating Business Leads

Today in this article you will know about working from home. Commission is a bad thing, nobody want to work for commission. But in future your first job will be commission job. Jobs where you have to create business leads. Leads to close business, lead to sale any product of any company, lead to provide services to the costumers. So, in this article you will know about generating business leads and selling it to the business owners.

  1. WHAT IS BUSINESS LEAD: Like if an advertiser want to sale it's billboards to the schools, businessman or to corporate companies. Then you just go to the advertiser office and ask for marketing job on commission basis. You just directly talk to business to business and say I can sale your media what will I earn on that please tell. The company will tell you that whatever business you generate you will get 10% amount of that deal. It is great if someone interested in you, but if he/she asks how will you work?
  2. HOW TO GENERATE BUSINESS LEADS: It is not tough to generating leads. To generate business leads you have to understand the business first.Like if you want to sale media you have to find out the new businesses in your location where you can directly go and talk about your services. For that just take all "Company Details", "Services Details", flyers/Brochures of the company and go directly to the market. Arrange your locality's business directory and start to call on all numbers directly. One more thing, buy the classifieds and call to all "New Business/Companies who are hiring all staff" it means they are new in the market and you can sale the media to them. It is little hard but once you do it for just one month or 2 month you become experienced person by doing no job. Now you can earn better money and will get a good job, where experience is required. 
For any information about any business you want to promote or you want to meet the company owner to market their product and want to know how will you generate business leads, CALL ME at +91-9997833350 (SUMIT PUNDIR). I am 24x7 Available to help you.

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Friday, 17 February 2017

Election Campaign Branding / Printing / Promotions

If you are looking for election campaign related material; Banners, Hoardings, Outdoor Sites, Posters, Pamphlets, Stickers, Flags, Badges, etc. you are on right place. We provide all kind of election campaign branding material. Good thing is if you are not from mainstream parties, then we can make you brand. Below is some explanation what we can do for you.
  1. BRANDING - All kind of printing material like; posters, banners, manifesto/flyers, pamphlets, stickers, badges, etc..
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA - Social portal management, creating/writing posts, promoting using paid and organic traffic. 
  3. DATABASE - We provide or create database according to our region. We also create database by door to door activity or survey activities. Also provide Bulk-SMS or Voice SMS services.
  4. EVENT - Provide sound, led or normal projector for campaigning. We also provide Auto-Rikshaw with Sound system. 
  5. MEDIA/ADVERTISEMENT - We design a creative campaign according to your budget and requirements. Also deals with best media channels, radio channels and in newspaper advertising, etc.. 
  6. BOOTH MANAGEMENT TEAM - Booth management is key to win the election. We provide best booth management system. 
If you are looking something creative for your next election campaign call us now: 9997833350. We will work 24x7 to win any battle.

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Sumit Pundeer