Friday, 17 February 2017

Election Campaign Branding / Printing / Promotions

If you are looking for election campaign or Office Branding related material; Banners, Hoardings, Outdoor Sites, Posters, Pamphlets, Stickers, Flags, Badges, etc. you are on right place. We provide all kind of election campaign branding material. Good thing is if you are not from mainstream parties, then we can make you brand. Below is some explanation what we can do for you.
  1. BRANDING - All kind of printing material like; posters, banners, manifesto/flyers, pamphlets, stickers, badges, etc..
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA - Social portal management, creating/writing posts, promoting using paid and organic traffic. 
  3. DATABASE - We provide or create database according to our region. We also create database by door to door activity or survey activities. Also provide Bulk-SMS or Voice SMS services.
  4. EVENT - Provide sound, led or normal projector for campaigning. We also provide Auto-Rikshaw with Sound system. 
  5. MEDIA/ADVERTISEMENT - We design a creative campaign according to your budget and requirements. Also deals with best media channels, radio channels and in newspaper advertising, etc.. 
  6. BOOTH MANAGEMENT TEAM - Booth management is key to win the election. We provide best booth management system. 
If you are looking something creative for your next election campaign call us now: 9997833350. We will work 24x7 to win any battle.

Thanks for your time
Sumit Pundeer