Monday, 26 June 2017

Messaging / SMS Work from Home - Lead/Business Generation

Do you know that you can earn money by sending SMS from your mobile. Isn't it great news? You want to know how? Okay, In this article I am going to explain how can you earn the money by just sending normal SMS from your Mobile or Whatsapp. 


First understand your market, your near-by market, what is happening around you. See everything; hoarding/banners, pamphlets/flyers, News paper Ads. What are the products and services being marketed in your area? Like I'm living in Dehradun, I see the hoardings, there are many real estate projects are being marketed through outdoor media and print media. There are many Printing Companies around me. People are looking for Website Designers, Merchandise Services, Insurance Company Etc.. So Now I can find out what?
  • The Services Being Marketed in My Area are:
    Computer Hardware and Software Solutions
    Construction Companies
    Printing Services / Merchandise Services
  • The Products Being Marketed in My Area area:
    Real Estate Projects, Flats/Villas/Land
    Toys & Gifts
Like, I figured out my market you have to understand your market. So, these are the companies who can pay if you send an SMS about their products and services. How? Because they are already investing in advertisement and promotions, if you go to them and tell them that you have some database of the area and interested to market that product or service through SMS. If there is any lead generates you will inform them, they will send their marketing person to close that deal and if it close you will get your commission. You got the point. Let me explain. 

I go to the printing house and tell them I have all the database of offices around you and in the city, I want to market your services and products, please explain me if I give you the clients what will I get? He will tell you clearly 10% of the job. It is good deal, now go to home and read their portfolio. Make a small SMS or Whasapp Media Message and send to the contacts you have. You will be thinking where you will get the contacts?

For that, Go to the market buy the Yellow Pages, Business Directory, or check the numbers online from Local Business Directories, you will get many online. Send at least 100 SMS Per day, because you will get thousand of numbers online. If you having any problem regarding the message you making, or the Whatsapp Message, or your don't know how to find the relevant data of contacts, you can ask me anytime. I am here to help you in everything. My Whatsapp Number is 9997833350.

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