Friday, 29 July 2011

Master Page Layouting in Corel Draw CS3/CS4/CS5

Most people don't know about that how to work on master page in corel or can we make some master items to apply on other pages.
If you are using InDesign then click here... Indesign Tutorials

Yes we can do it, it is easy in corel, I'm using Corel CS3 in this tutorial. Let's look at it.

Step 1:
Click on Tools - then Object Manager.
You will find a Object Manager Window in Right Side of your screen.

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Step 2:
In the bottom of this window there are two options

* New Layer
* New Master Layer
Click on New Master Layer

You will find a new layer on Master Page Menu, Now rename this layer as you like.

Step 3:
Now select an item what you want to use as Master Object.
You will see that object highlighted in Object Manager Window.

Now drag this highlighted object in New Master Layer.
Your Master Object is complete.

Benefits of using Master Page in Corel:
You can run the same layout by your master page in all pages.
You don't need to copy and paste similar items by using master page.

Comment that how can you use it and how you are using it....


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