Thursday, 11 August 2011

CorelDraw Crashes: showing not responding

If your CorelDraw 9, CorelDraw11, CorelDraw13/14/15, X3/X4/X5 showing an error like not responding or not respond then you should not click on the cancel button, you should wait for some time, your computer could automatically respond that. See image below for your reference. "Close the program" option can close your Corel without saving your document. But if you press second option that is "Wait for the program to respond" click this and wait for some time.

But if it does not work and you close it. Your file will close automatically. And now you open the file again and it shows only ONE BLANK PAGE. Now what? Now you need to recover that file.

How to Recover Corel File?

I work with X5 Version of Corel and it is great to recover my file with this. Simply when we save the File it automatically saves a TEMP (see image below). 

@@@CDRW.temp is TEMP file. When you click on it, It does not work. To open this file you need to Change the Extension of this file. Like click to rename this file and Give a name as TEMP.cdr. *.cdr is Corel File Extension and now click on it. It will open and your file is recovered. Save as and give a proper name. It is the way to recover TEMP files.

How to Solve Not Responding Problem?

If your Corel Draw showing not responding problem always then you need to do the following things. 

  • You should check your fonts, there could be any problem with them. Just refresh your fonts. Copy all fonts in any folder then replace them all with new one.
  • If your file size is heavy (more than 100mb) then you can face this problem wait when your Corel takes backup, if you press any button during this time you can see this option. Corel Draw x5 is better software because it take backups and saves document while working on it.
  • If you are working in networking then insure that your networking is properly working. Whenever your networking will be disabled your computer will be hang for some time.
  • There could be problem with your windows, if you are using windows 7 or vista you can face this problem many times, but you won't change it, because you like it's style. So don't worry just install a Genuine Edition and feel free to work with Corel.
  • Last solution is Un-install the program and Re-installing it.
I hope it will help you. But, If you have any better solution then please write here because there is not perfect solution for that problem till now. For any other problem with Corel you can contact me at
Thanks for your time.

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