Thursday, 11 August 2011

Nudge Offset : Corel Draw Tutorial

Pushing Objects or Text in Corel Draw with Arrow Button:
If you want to push any object to left with your arrow button, this is called: Nudge Offset to left.
Sometimes you want to push any object on top, but when you press your top arrow then the object goes so far, what you imagined. If you want to edit your pushing limit then you can edit Nudge Offset.

Here I will explain step by step:
Step 1: Just create an object and select it. Now click on this [select it] and press the arrow button to move. Press down button if you want to make it move down.
You press button and your object or text goes so far and sometimes you press button and it do not move. Here to measure it's movement we have to change a small option in your document and that is Nudge Offset.

Step 2: In the second black block image you can see it. It is highlighted with redline and the measure of it is 1.0. We need to change this and then press arrow button again it will move same as we want.

Sometimes we want to give a particular space between boxes that time we can take help of this option. Here I want to show that how I use this.
Sometimes I need to create .5inch boxes and the number of boxes is 10. Space between the boxes also give and that is .1inch. I simply create a box of .5inch square and then set my nudge offset to .6inch [.5+.1inch]. Now I click [select] the box and press + [creating copy of box] button. Then press Arrow Down. Here we get our two boxes. Need to create next 8 for that I press Ctrl + D [Duplicate key] eight times and create those all. Here I get my 10 boxes done.
Hope you have used it better that me. If you have actually doing better with this tool then write in comment option to make work easy of other designers...
Thanks in Advance...

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