Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Double Spread - Book Layouting

What is Double Spread ? What is even and odd page?

If we open a book, mostly -
first page is content page, second page is copyright page, third page is preface and fourth page comes the first page of the lesson, this is not right.
Mostly we start our lesson/chapter/unit from page 5 or 7, means it comes on right side page (odd page) of the book. so when we see even and odd page together on computer screen that is called the double spread view.
If we work on both pages putting together that is called the double spread layouting or designing. We should always create double spread layouts.

Benefits of Double Spread Lay outing:
We can visualize the printed book view, how our book will look after printing.
We can play with both pages using cut flash design, or we could overlap our designs on odd and even page, that will make our layout smart.
If we send sample to any client for approval he/she can judge better what we have created.

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If you have any question in your mind about layouting you can write here, I will give you instant solution.


  1. how to create lay out for magazine

    1. I will create a tutorial for you soon..