Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Pagination in Indesign

Today, In-design is very famous for type-setting and formatting of books, magazines, editorials, etc.. Here we will know about Pagination in InDesign. This video is quick tutorial for you or if you are not satisfy with the video please read full post.

Here we using ID CS3 Version, but this function is same in old and latest version of ID. Read the steps to create pagination in ID.

Step 1#
Press F12 (Shortkey for Pages Panel)  and Go to Master Page. Double Clicking on the highlighted part with blue and it will open A-Master Page (See Image Below).

Step 2#
Now, zoom on the bottom where you want to add page numbering and drag a Text Box as shown below.

Step 3#
Press right click and see image below for reference.
Insert Special Character > Markers > Current Page Number. You can also use shortkey Alt+Shift+Ctrl+N for this.

Hope, you are done, now copy this and paste on the Left Master Page. If you have any problem using Master page then write in the comment option and I will create a tutorial especially for you.
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