Friday, 19 August 2011

Proof readers can show corrections in Microsoft Word

Imagine if a DTP Operator send you PDF file for proof reading. There is 3 options to show him/her corrections:
1) Print you PDF file and point out all corrections with highlighter and pen.
2) You can add sticky notes on every page of your PDF Document.
3) You can write all the corrections in Microsoft Office Word. Here we are showing how can you write down correction in Word.

List of correction for The Grammar book 6
1. Preface. Please place the final preface. Please take it from book 4.

2. Page 13-  5th line from top, under the heading Alphabet pool. Please change ‘your team gets five points' to 'both the teams get five points'.

3. Page 17- 2nd grid, 1st column, last word, please change -s to -es.

4. Page 26- Ques 1 -- place the full stop after (cold).
5. page 30 – question A
1. To ___________________ does this dress belong? (existing)
1.  ___________________ does this dress belong to? (corrected)
2. For ________________ does Jahan work? (existing)
2. ________________ does Jahan work for? (corrected)
5.  ________________ are these keys? (existing)
5. ________________ keys are these? (corrected)
question B. – 2. the boys’ bikes. Remove underline from bikes.
6. Page 31 - Let's crack it pt. 3 - change wich to which.

 7. Page 39 - under subhead This that these and those , line 6, change theese to these.

 8. page 45
Question no. E. 6. – remove underline from plants.
definition – A phrasal verb is a group of words having a verb….
Remove bold from the first word A. Replace having with that has
9. Page 46
 Exercise F, point 7, change Sine to Since.
Composition – first paragraph – third line – first two words – purple white – add a hyphen between these – purple-white

 10. Page 47
Ques A. 1. Add full stops to all three options.
 Ques A.2, change first letter of all the options to caps.  Add a box against each option (as in question A under Lets perfect it below)
Ques Let’s perfect it – A. 6. favorite – favourite, flavor – flavour   (change spellings)
11. Page 63, question C.
6. I have never ever seen such a sight _______ . (ever/roughly)   (existing)
6. I have never _________ seen such a sight. (ever/roughly)   (corrected)
12. Page 66, Question
H. 1. Add full stops in all three options.
H. 2 .- Add full stops in all three options.
H. 3 – In the above passage, a word that means a kind of puzzle is (existing)
In the above passage, the word that means ‘a kind of puzzle’ is  (corrected)
Add full stops in all the options.
13. Page 69 , Ques A, pt 9, change trying to knocking, pt 3- delete near

 14. Page 70 , Ques A, pt 2 - change full stop to question mark in the end .

15. Page 77- 2nd bullet point, line 2. add full stop at the end, after mangoes.

16. page 86- speech bubble- delete , said the captain. After tomorrow, change comma to full stop.
17. Page 108 – Question A. 1,2,3 – add full stops in all the options.
18. Page 2 – copyright page – add one line First impression 2012 below ‘First Published in 2011’  

I hope you understand the way to type corrections in wordpad. If you have any other solution please type here...

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