Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Digital Art Tutorials: Inking in Photoshop

We can also use Corel Painter for Digital inking but mostly we use Photoshop for creating digital inking for printing. In photoshop we can do that with pen tool. Here you will know about this... step by step.

Step 1:
Open your sketch or the document for digital inking
Now adjust the level of your document for better selection of lines.
(If your inking lines are not clear or there are too much dark inkings)
To adjust the level press ctrl+L and now click and move these three buttons |highlighted with blue color|
level option in photoshop

Step 2:
Now select the pen tool and click on the option paths highlighted in the image below.
path option in photoshop
Then, click on the image and trace it how do you want with pen tool.
For the better results of inking on photoshop you have to study the pen tool and its movements. You should also practice on it for long time. By practicing you can trace typical to typical objects or drawings.

Step 3:
When you will complete your tracing then go to path option shown in the image below.
Step 4:
Now select the brush or pencil option by which you want to trace your art.
Select size and color of the brush.
Select the pressure of your inking.
Now press enter or fill path using this option shown image below.
You can also use this option for selection. It is so useful trick for selection.
I hope you understood this process.
Thanks for your time...........

You should also understand the use of CTRL and ALT command.

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