Monday, 26 September 2011

Graphic Design Interview Questions

I'm graphic artist, today I've completed 5 years of my experience. Today I'm working as senior graphic designer/visualizer. I have faced so many interview in last few years. Some interviews are so interesting I want to share some experience of my life. If you have any one please write here. It can help of your juniors....

Here is the list of questions to be asked for graphic artist interview.
There are two round in Graphic Designer Interview. One is HR Round and other to test your KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS.

Quantitative Aptitude Test:

This test is so difficult for the persons who don't have good mathematics. It is half an hour test where you will get 15 to 20 questions of mathematics. You should prepare before this test. This is a QA test to calculate your calculation power and presence of mind. If you are good in math then you do not need to worry. Test is just for Visualizers, not for graphic designer or DTP Operators.

HR Round Questions:
  • Do you have online portfolio?
  • How much of total experience you have?
  • How much your relevant job experience?
  • What is your profile in your current job?
  • What kind of work you are doing in your current office?
  • Do you have print copy of your work?
  • Are you good with InDesign/Quark/CorelDraw/etc..?
  • What kind of company where you are working in?
  • What is your current package?
  • Do you have salary slip?
  • How much salary you expect?
  • What is your notice period?
Questions Related to Profile:
  • What is called the bleed?
  • What is cut mark?
  • Do you know about registration black color?
  • What is Normal Black?
  • What is spine?
  • What is folio? How many types of Folios are?
  • What is fraction? How many type of fractions are?
  • Do you know about Mathtype?
  • Are you okay with Mac?
  • What is your specialization?
  • Do you know Web Design?
  • etc...
Test on Applications:
After completing this they give you a job to do. They give you 2 or 3 hours job to judge your skills and experience. Like:
  • This is a 4 page brochure. This is word file where you can find your text part and this is folder where you can find images. Create a interesting Brochure using your skills and experience...
  • This is the name of company, the company is ...... (informations related to company).... please create a logo for this company.
  • This is a magazine. Create a layout for these two pages. Images and Text you will find in same folder.
  • Etc. etc....

This is all about I know about a interview if you know something extra please write in comment. I will update the post as you want... Thanks for your time

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