Sunday, 25 September 2011

I Think I've Mistaken !!!

On 3rd September' 11, I realized that I can be a good boss and earn money. Because, all my friends want to work with me. Everyone told me that you should start your own design studio.
Then, I did leave my company and started working freelance. The reason was, I was not taking interest in my work at my last office and want to create something new all the time. But there was a problem, and that was output. They wanted everyday output... a good output.
So, My boss decided not to work with me and I thanked him and left the job. From 3rd September to 22 September I worked hard at my home with 3 or 4 professionals. But Today 24th September and I think that the train is not going on the right path. Every time it is moving backward, from where we started. Today everyone of my friend have changed their mind and not taking interest on my project.
I'm working hard to be my own boss. But, I'm experiencing a lot of things, which bosses face. Like, when you like someone in your company and he don't give you good output. He fools you, then how do you feel. Like when anyone commit to work with you till the last and when project is signed, he/she want to go in disco.
I know that which decision I've taken is too early. I've lot of things to know.
I also know that when we start any company then lot of problems we face which I'm facing. But I don't like to repent what is happening with me. I just want to work with my friends not for a boss. I just want to make my life easy and happy.
The problem is that all my friends associated with me want to be crorepati. But what I have learnt, that when you start a company, it means there are lot of things to taken care. Everytime you think about it. Your personal life affected by this. I have lot of things to do in next 6 months and I work day and night but I'm getting good results of this. I think that I'll face lot of problems in future and I'm ready for this.
I've decided that if I fail in this business then I'll do it again and again until I'll prove me right. I know that I'm new in this game but I don't feel bad when I loose. Because every time I loose and I learn. I'll play this again and again.
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