Thursday, 22 September 2011

Character Map in XP/Seven

While typing or writing some text on Microsoft Office or any other DTP programs we come across many symbols that are used in the written material but could not be found on the keyboard. We wonder where to find it and it becomes more difficult if it is required in School & College Projects, Office Presentations etc. The answer to this is Character Map. With so many new applications being introduced everyday not much people are aware about it. In character map many symbols like ®, ¥, © are present which are not available on the keyboard. Look at the image given below and see for yourself what is special in character map.

 Character Map for Special Characters
Similarly, when you work on Hindi Fonts like Kruti, Chanakya, Walkman, Devnagari. There are lots of characters which are not available on your keyboard like Ú , Ë, «, etc. (as shown in image below)

Kruty Dev Character Map for Special Characters
If you want to type these kinds of characters then just go to run command of your system and write Character Map. Or go to programmes> accessories> system tools> character map> click. (as shown in image below)

Start> All Programmes> Accessories> System Tools
There are lots of special characters, like copyright signs, registered signs, alpha, beta, Gama. It helps you to work with books that are related to Math or science, advertisements, scientific work. So, if you want to type those characters you'll need this. 

How to work with Character Map:
Double Click on any character. The character will be shown in the blank space (front of Characters  to copy).
Then click on copy button  and now paste your character wherever you want.

How to change font in the Character Map:
You can change the font style according to your ease in character map. To change the font style, go to the option where font is written. Click on the small triangle shown in front of the font and select your font style.If you want to change font of character map. Then just change it on the top option where is written font.

Short key Help  with character Map:
There are lots of characters which have the special short keys to type with keyboard. If you want to have a look then click on that character on Character Map. The short key will be shown on the bottom options.
 Like: Alt+098,  Alt+123 etc.

Character Map in In Design: 
In Adobe In Design Software, when you will be working with Hindi font or want to type some special characters or signs. Just go to GLYPS option and you will get it all.

If  you wish to know more about character map or any other font problem just type your question here and I'll provide you the best answer.

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