Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Image Retouching in Photoshop

Today everyone want to edit his/her photograph. Mostly when we use that on Facebook, Twitter or some other social websites. We want to look smart on our online profile. Today in this tutorial I am gonna tell you that how you can finish your photograph in Photoshop. It is a simple tutorial which will show you the method  to retouching/finishing/editing your photograph.
In photoshop we open our image and apply some effects on it. Like, blur/sharpness/hue & saturation/curve/level/etc.
First of all we adjust the lightning of image. We know that the mobile camera could not capture a good image if there is not proper lighting. So, we can adjust this lighting on photoshop by pressing ctrl+shift+L. By this command we can change it to dark to light and also light to dark. There are other options to apply to do that.
Watch the video tutorial to know more about this.......

I personally suggest that don't do that with your images. Because if someone  like you on facebook/etc. and want to be with you on date. On that time you will be unable to meet him/her. Becuase of this photo......
So, take it seriously and show what you are.. ACTUALLY.....
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