Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Hindi Font Problems in CorelDraw | Indesign | Quark

If we are working on any hindi project; magazine, newspaper, book, advertisement or anything which have hindi script on it. We face some problems mentioned below:
  • Like, some characters are missing in font.
    There are some special characters in hindi font which are not available on every font of hindi script. If we talk about Kruti Dev and Chanakya, there we get every character. But it don't work with other fonts.
  • Character are not looking balanced in the font.
    When we work on some fonts of Kruti, there we find some problems of overlapping the character in a word. We can solve this by manual setting by pressing Alt+Right Arrow, means we can change the kerning but it is not a right way to work.
  • Some MATRAS are not working properly. They are overlapping with other alphabets.
  • Fonts have different keyboard options. When we change font, problem shows in the paragraph text.
  • When we send file to client, font show changed.
  • Font is looking corrupted, not looking and printing properly.
If you are having these kind of problems working with hindi fonts then don't worry there is a special font available in market which is good in every condition. There are some fonts which are doing good in printing. Kruti Dev, Chankya and Walkman Chanakya... I'm using these fonts from last five years and working well in hindi work.

My personal experience says that you should use only chanakya in your work. There are 14 fonts available in chanakya to stylizing your typography. It is paid font but the work you'll do with this is great in every aspect. If you will use it you will understand...
Thanks for your time and don't worry about problems because DTP is a hardworking job and there are lot of problems you will face everyday..........

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