Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Best Hindi Fonts

Detail Description
Kruti Dev 010: This is the most usable font for writing in Hindi language. But for the bold option in Corel and InDesign you have to use Kruti Dev 011. It creates problem with “ and ” for this problem we change it manually.
There is another way, we can give stroke of .1pt for changing it to bold.
Kruti Dev 021 is a good font for News Papers, Magazines, etc..
Kruti Dev 040, we can use this for headings, etc..
Utsah is a Devnagari Script (Unicode Font). We can use this font for online websites, article writing and for publishing material also.
Mangal: Widely used for online writing and publishing. Mangal is a Unicode script font. We can use it for everything.

This is very important to know about Hindi Fonts. There are lot of options like Kruti, Chanakya, Walkman, etc.. But only few fonts are able to be used. Best example is Walkman Chanakya and Kruti Dev and if you want to go for paid font then try Chanakya. Chanakya is the best font to work with. There are 14  different options  (different fonts) in Chanakya.
So, I'm completely favour of Chanakya. If you have heard about Summit Indica Company (who provide Chanakya Font : Paid Service), they are providing Chanakya to use in Window 7 or XP.
If you want know more about this font then go to ...... 


  1. Now Indica Unicode version 2.0 has chankya Unicode fonts which are very beautiful fonts but being unicode they can be used with only unicode compliant software such as ms office and Indesign CS 6 which supports these quite well

  2. Now we can use Unicode fonts, we need to use Google Input Tools for this and we can easily type in Hindi or any other Indic Languages. It looks great and do not have any problem. It is very easy to use.
    To know more using this check this link>>>