Saturday, 10 September 2011

Drawing Book Templates

Drawing Book Layout
If you want to create a double spread layout, then:
  • Size: Mostly we use wide-spread layouts for drawing books. The page size should be bigger because a child will colour on it. We can take 8.5x11 inch and more than it, if we create wide-spread layout then we take 11.5*9 inch. We take half inch margin for text and .2 inch for bleeding. Mostly, for a drawing books  we give bands in cut flash.
  • Colour: In drawing books we can use rainbow colours/ child-friendly colours. Here when we give instructions to child or teachers there we can create colored objects and stripes. We should take care of white space. 
  • Fonts: Comic sans, MV Boli kinds of fonts are child friendly. We can play with the placing of text in layouting. Size of the font depends that the text is for teachers/children.
If you want to know more about drawing book layouting then don't worry just type you question here and I will create a tutorial especially for you. Thanks for your time....

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