Sunday, 4 September 2011

Scanning - Colouring in Photoshop

  • Changing color mode of document
  • Tricks and Tips for selection and Fill Colour
  • Using Anti Alias in Colouring
  • Contigunias in Colouring
  • Using Pencil tool to Retouch Inking
  • Using Pen Tool or Path for Selection
  • Types of Coluring in Photoshop
  • Flat Colouring
  • Shade in Colouring
  • Texture Colouring
  • 2D Colouring
  • 3D Colouring
  • Using Actions in Colouring
There are topics related to Digital Colouring, if you want to know about any of it then tell me what you need to know

how to scan with photohop: Tutorial
Scanning with Photoshop Tutorial
Switch on the printer and attach with your PC or laptop. Now open your photoshop application. For scanning your sheet go to File > Import > Wia (Printer Name).
If your sheet is inked with pen, then select Black and White Color Mode, if you want to ink in photoshop then select Grayscale Mode.
Resolution of file should be 300 pixels/inch. Now select scan option and scan the document.

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