Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Residential Offices is like Institutes

If you have worked in a residential office you will understand me well. It is amazing if you work in residential  office, we can say your second home of working. Most of the RO's (residential offices) owners want to make it place where employee can work, enjoy and can do everything when working.
But most of the greedy bosses sit on the chairs to kill the desires of the employees. For example:

I'm Rahul and want to go for 5 days holiday to Massuri. I've taken my leaves of 4 days and one day I will call my boss that I can't come today because train is late, my stomach is not well....... But Sunita have revealed the secret of the trip to boss....
Boss call me and say this is the work you will have to do today... finish it fast...

Sunita is the reason to cancel to trip....
have you faced  this problem......????

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