Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My First Freelance Experience

When I was working with a publication house, H.G Publications in South Delhi. I wanted to earn more and more and took some freelance work from Kalka Ji. It was typing work, lots of typing work in minnimum time. We were three people on the keyboards to work hard and finish that task.
We paid 2600 Rupees there to get that work. They told us, "If you finish your job at time you can earn 32,000 Rupees in just 15 days." We wanted to do anything to finish that job. That was formatting work and typing also.
We did that work in time, actually before time. We submitted that work in Kalka Ji Agency. But, what........ They didn't paid us and shown some corrections in our work. We knew that the corrections are not too much but we signed the contract and there was written something what was impossible.
In actually we were big fool.... We should not do that. That was the black bussiness of that company. The work which we are doing was not possible to do. The agency was earning a lot doing that...... But the peoples are being fooled....

I know that today also you can see it in the market. If you want to share your experience working with the agencies like that who takes  money and give your work, what is impossible to do.. please write your comment here............


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