Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Typing Jobs: Work From Home!!!

Don't worry dear, if you know how to type in speed. You can also learn typing in just few days using some Typing Tutorials. You can earn good if you know formatting skills too. Because in this time outsourcing is in fashion, people working from home and earning better than the full time employees.

What you need to START IT??? >>>
  • Your Personal Computer or Laptop
  • Few fonts in your computer (you can Download from internet)
  • Internet Connection (not high-speed)
  • Little knowledge of formatting in MS Office & type-setting applications (you will learn after doing some Google Search)
  • Printer and Scanner (Not in initial stage, but must when working for any publication house)

You just need to increase your typing speed because as much fast you type the same you earn. Practice at your home, your typing should be around 40 Words Per Minute with Good Accuracy. It is difficult for beginners but once your speed meets 20WPM then it don't take time to be 40WPM. Oh Great!!! Your typing speed is good now. So, now you have the gadgets and ready to work, the main thing is WHO WILL GIVE YOU WORK.

Be Aware!!!
There are agencies who claim they will pay you 50$ per page. This is all FAKE, they demand for security money in starting and give you a project with very strict deadline. And you greedy do and don't get paid. They tell you that the work submitted by you is not meet the quality they wanted. So, don't be foolish and work for them who will pay you. Check the paragraph below.

Who can give you typing work >>>
  • Publication House
  • Any Writer you know
  • Magazine Offices
  • Media Company Offices
All publisher have typing jobs, go and show your skills and get the work. You can ask any of your friend who work in Print Media. Now, finish it with good accuracy and enjoy working from Home!!!

Few points to take care when working from Home!!!
  • Know your capacity, don't take too much work in starting
  • Don't be dependable on others because you can loose your publisher if deadline is missed
  • Don't work more than 8 hours a day, you can loose your eye-sight (You have to work for LIFE, baby!!!)
For any help regarding font issue, type-setting problems or software skills feel free to contact me!!!

If you will start working on some software like; MS Word, CorelDraw or In-Design, it will be so beneficial for you. Just download these software online and start learning from tutorials. I have also learned by self. It is awesome!!

There are many types of Jobs you can do mentioned below:

For any help from me please write your query in comment option. 

Thanks for your Time!!!
Sumit Pundeer

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