Friday, 25 November 2011

Font Missing in CorelDraw

I'm working on a school magazine layout. There is a problem of fonts, Kruti Dev 020, Chanakya, etc.. is missing from my computer. I have copied font but when I paste it, it shows Kruti Dev 021. I don't know about this. But I have found a solution for this problem.

Solution can be a good alternative. Sometimes we have to work on some Corel Files immediately, when we don't have to time to ask for missing fonts. May be there is some spelling mistakes, in content or can be any changes in color or images. That time open that Corel File and when you see this window (Shown Below), Click to Temporary Option (highlight with red color) and open that file. 

Change whatever you want to change but don't change any font. Now save it and send back to the client when he/she will open it. It will open exactly as it was. It is only an alternative. Now if you want to download fonts then download from Internet 90 percent fonts you can find in Free and there may be some payable fonts also. 

You can also substitute the font with other font you like. For this Click on the "Show All Fonts" option and then click on the "Substitute font with:" button. There you will find all your computer fonts.

Having any problem doing this? Comment on my post and I will suggest you a good solution... waiting for your comment...

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