Monday, 28 November 2011

Problem with Hindi Keyboard

Today, when globalization is in, language barrier has ceased to matter. Specially with advertising sector. People are ready to pay good amount of money and get their work outsourced, all they look for is quality work. So if you are getting some work form some other country with a language you are not much aware of it don't panic. you can still complete your work with the help of tutorials one like I have shared here. This one is exclusively about Hindi language typing and the problems being faced while working on it. Have a happy reading. :)
If you want to work on a Hindi Keyboard and having confusion about "matras". Don't worry, just use this keyboard image for your reference and problem will be solved. In this keyboard all "matras" are shown perfectly.

For example if somewhere is written "ang ki bindi" it is shows as below.

The light color alphabet is just for your reference for the position of matra. Download the keyboard image and start typing in Hindi Language.

Keyboard for Hindi Typing in KrutiDev, Devnagari and Walkman
: I N S T R U C T I O N S    T O    U S E    T H I S    I M A G E :
  1. Open this image with Window Photo Viewer. Now adjust the windows in such a way that you can see both the keyboard and MS Office or other DTP Software ( shown below). This will help you to look for reference of words and 'Matras' whenever you require very easily.   
    Screen shot of stacked windows

  2. Now start typing with the help of Keyboard Layout and do it for 2 or 3 hours. Repeat this exercise daily and in just one week you will be able to type in Hindi Language.
  3. By continuous practise of Hindi typing the letters will get memorized. Your mind will work on it and your finger will go automatically on the right button. 
  4. Wow! you can type in Hindi now.

You can use this keyboard while typing with KrutiDev, Devnagari and Walkman fonts, it will also work with Chanakya font, only 3 or 4 character will be different.
If you are having any problem using this Keyboard or want to know more about Hindi Typing Tricks and Tutorials then write your query in comment option.
Thanks for your time.


  1. really a nice sugession.

    1. Thanks if you want to know more using Hindi Fonts you can write your queries here in comments option...

    2. How to write 'is prakar hai' in hindi?

  2. i want to learn hindi typing within 10 days with 25 words per minut . Can anyone learn hindi typing within 10 days.

    1. Yes absolutely, If you will practice 10 hours a day then you can learn 30wpm too. Just set you schedule like; 8am to 11am then 1pm to 4pm and then 8pm to 12pm. It will work because I also learnt Hindi typing in just 7 days...

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