Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Devnagari Inscript Hindi Keyboard Layout

Devnagari Inscript (Hindi) Keyboard Layout
If you want to type with Inscript Keyboard then you do not worry to think about just read this post and you will know HOW TO TYPE WITH INSCRIPT KEYBOARD. How can you write with Hindi Unicode (Devanagari). How can you post your status on Facebook, Twitter, or other Social Networking websites, How can you write blogs in Hindi. How to write mail in Hindi. All this you will know if you will read this post. If you found any problem doing this.. then just comment on this post and I will solve it. Thanks...

Set up or Install Inscript language (Devnagari) in your computer. Here I am showing you Window 7 and Window Vista process, Window XP is more similar this. If you will read this you can set up in Window XP or others too.

  1. Go to Control Panel >>
  2. Change Keyboard or Other Input Method >>
  3. Change Keyboard >>
  4. Click on Add Button >>
  5. Click on Hindi (India) >>
  6. Add Devnagari Keyboard >>
  7. Click to Add the Press OK >> OK >>

Now your keyboard is done..

Add Input Language Window

Then HI will show in the right bottom of your task bar.
Click on it and change it to HI Hindi (India).

Language Bar on Taskbar

Now Open word document and DOWNLOAD Keyboard layout. Now take a newspaper, book or any document or page in Hindi and start to type. If you will type for one hour or minimum two hundred words you will know Hindi typing in Devnagari Inscript.
By doing this you can post your status on facebook, twitter, orkut in Hindi. You can write blogs websites in Hindi.


  • If you know any language typing in blind. (without watching keyboard) then you can learn Hindi typing in just two hour.
  • It takes patience, your mind will not work sometime but you need to concentrate and after one hour your problem will be solved.

If you want to type half characters like : क्या 

  • Then just type and press D (्) it will automatically convert to half K. Same in other characters.
  • Then if you want to write गर्व. Then need to right    ग  +  र  +  ् + व
  • Same in other case if you want to right अग्र. Then need to right   अ   +  ग   +      ्  +  र
There is more examples to type some typical characters of Hindi.
  • क + ् + ष = क्ष
  • त + ् + र = त्र
  • ज + ् + ञ = ज्ञ
  • श + ् + र = श्र
  • द + ् + ध = द्ध
  • द + ् + व = द्व
  • द + ् + य = द्य (We can not write dya as in Vidyalaya with inscript)
Read this carefully and you will understand this keyboard for other typical letters. It is the best and easy typing style from windows. Enjoy this.

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  1. Hai Sumit, your efforts are appreciable. However I am bit confused. Will you please let me know if this software works when we type in devnagri (e.g.hamara, ham sab ka) from english key board, and it is automatically converted to Hindi script as is workable in the options while composing mails to be sent. Please guide.


  2. This hindi Script is Unicode Script and supported in mailing, chating social network and commenting on PDF and Word files too. You can use it anywhere and it will never change.

  3. Hi, could you please help me out here.
    I use a Halant to make the letter small but the letter on photoshop or illustrator.
    This only works on notepad or word.

  4. I use this online hindi typing tool for FREE to write in hindi ..

  5. Guyzz I am not able to write vidhyala in unicode inscript keyboard... can any one help me how to write it..

  6. Sumit JI thnaks a lot. Your efforts are great. It helped a lot to me. Thanks

  7. Select HI language. Open document n select Nirmala UI font if not selected automatically.
    Press o then D then ? for Dhya. Rest all letters as per HI keyboard.